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There is no such thing as being the perfect parent.  So just be a real one.

No matter how many books your read, or what advice you get, nothing quite prepares you for the real thing. There is no such thing as being the perfect parent, so just be a real one. Here at KidzBizz we aim to provide parents with informative articles, helpful hints and lots of other helpful ideas that may help. Just remember, raising a child will always be full of surprises.


Children's, physical, mental and emotional well-being supports their overall development and learning which helps them grow and learn optimally while building skills required to reach their full potential.

Physical Wellbeing - where kids need more opportunities to stay active.

Mental Wellbeing - is closely related to nutritious food, physical fitness & proper sleep.

Emotional Wellbeing - Learning to express emotions and reaching out for help when required.

Intellectual Wellbeing - covers repeated trials-and-errors that ultimately lead to excellence and a sense of accomplishment.

Spiritual Wellbeing - It helps individuals find a purpose and meaning in life.

Enviromental & Social Wellbeing - Kids perceive the world differently. Animals could be best friends, the bed becomes a castle, and worn-out items their treasure. Surroundings greatly impact their perceptions.

  • Eating a variety of foods keeps our meals interesting and flavorful. It’s also the key to a healthy and balanced diet because each food has a unique mix of nutrients—both mac­ronutrients (carbohydrate, protein and fat) and micronutrients (vitamins and minerals).

  • Eat plenty of fruits of all colors. Choose whole fruits or sliced fruits. Limit fruit juices to 1 glass per day.

  • The more veggies, and the greater the variety,  the better.

  • Go for whole grains.

  • Limit red meat and avoid processed meats (bacon, deli meats, hot dogs, sausages). 

  • Use healthy oils from plants. Limit butter to occasional use

  • Water is the best choice for quenching our thirst. It's sugar free and always easy to find.

  • Stay active and trade in "sit-time" for 'fit-time'. Children and adolescents should aim for at least one hour of physical activity per day, and they don’t need fancy equipment or a gym.


Parenting styles shape the way our children grow and develop, in every way. While some of your child’s personality and behavior will be a result of their inherent nature, a great deal of your child’s personality and how they interact with the world comes from the style in which they are parented.

Your parenting style can have an effect on the emotional, mental, and even physical development of your child. This impact can last their entire lives. 

Authoritative parenting - is characterized by warm, supportive, parent-child interaction with clear, consistent rules and expectations.

Authoritarian parenting - is characterized by high expectations and high levels of discipline, without warmth, guidance, or support.

Permissive parenting - is characterized by low expectations and excessive responsiveness to a child’s perceived needs.

Uninvolved parenting - style is characterized by little interest in setting boundaries or providing warmth, guidance, or support.


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